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every day we offer you a sms ticket and single sms

sms types analyzed are good matches

and we hope that with our tickets will get a lot of money

and also every day we give you two free tips





SMS IS  ACTIVE FOR 23.03.2017


 SMS SINGLE              SMS TICKET   

                2.20 odd                                    3.00 odd                                     




SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 22.03.2017

SMS PROOF(TICKET) 22.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 21.03.2017

SMS PROOF(TICKET) 20.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 20.03.2017

SMS PROOF(TICKET) 19.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 19.03.2017

SMS PROOF( 2 SINGLE) 17.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 15.03.2017

SMS PROOF(TICKET) 15.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 13.03.2017

SMS PROOF(TICKET) 12.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 10.03.2017

SMS PROOF(TICKET) 09.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 09.03.2017

SMS PROOF(TICKET) 07.03.2017

SMS PROOF(TICKET) 06.03.2017

SMS PROOF(TICKET) 05.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 04.03.2017

SMS PROOF(TICKET) 04.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 03.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 02.03.2017

SMS PROOF(SINGLE) 01.03.2017










Argentina - Chile 1 (1.50 odd)





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